Biometric Systems & Time Management Software

♦ Company Introduction

Specialized in Biometric systems to capture Over-Time hours, Lateness, Allowances, Incentives, Attendance Bonuses, Absences, etc. From Low Cost Clocking Machines and Smart card Systems to Biometric Hand scanners with Powerful Time and Attendance Software. When you need to record your employees’ time, Circle Enterprise Pte Ltd has the time attendance system to meet your needs. We have a range of portable clocking in machines as well as proximity card, Smart Card and swipe card. We can also supply Card Racks swipe cards, badges, time cards, clock cards and job cards for all makes of clocking in machines, time recorder systems and time clocks.


A Biometric Time Attendance System is an advanced solution that employs unique physiological traits of individuals—such as fingerprints, retina scans, or facial recognition—to record attendance. This replaces outdated systems that rely on manual entries or cards.

Benefits of a Biometric Time Attendance System


Biometric systems eliminate the possibility of attendance fraud, like "buddy punching," where an employee clocks in for a coworker. The systems ensure that the person clocking in is precisely who they claim to be.


Gone are the days when HR departments had to sift through manual logs. Biometric systems are quick and automate the entire attendance process, thus saving time and operational costs.

Enhanced Security

In addition to accurate attendance tracking, biometric systems also act as an extra layer of security, restricting unauthorized access to the premises.

Why Choose Circle Enterprises?

As a Singapore-based company, Circle Enterprises understands the specific challenges and compliance requirements of businesses operating in the region. We offer customised biometric time attendance solutions that cater to your unique operational needs. We are well-versed with Singapore's stringent data protection and employee privacy compliance requirements. Our in-depth local knowledge empowers us to provide a biometric system that is not just technologically advanced but also fully compliant with local laws and standards.

At Circle Enterprises, we believe that one size doesn't fit all. Every business has its unique operational needs, varying scales of workforce, and distinct security requisites. We don't just sell you an off-the-shelf product; we offer bespoke time attendance system tailored to match your specific needs. From the initial consultation to system deployment and ongoing support, we provide a comprehensive, end-to-end service designed to optimize your attendance management and security operations.